Skala Stone is an innovative system that utilizes Granite, Marble, Onyx, Quartz and more.It is 3/8" thick, lightweight, water proof, fire proof and more durable than the regular size stones.

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Skala Stone Inc
Flooring, Interior Walls, Exterior Walls, Yacht Floors, RV Floors.
North America and the Caribbean
Name – Skala Stone Inc
6401 East Rogers Circle
Suite 2
Boca Raton
Skala Stone is an innovative system that utilizes Granite, Marble, Quartz,onyx and many more natural stones that can be used for flooring, interior walls, exterior walls, boats,airplanes and more.
It is 3/8" thick, lightweight, water and moisture proof, fire proof and more durable than the regular size stones.
Skala Stone makes it possible for installation of Precious Stones at the price of standard materials. We are looking for Dealers Across the US and Caribbean, this product is great for Boats, private jets, interior walls, exterior walls and flooring.
Skala Stone, is a Patented Laminated 3/8" thick System that because of its characteristics can be used on various applications such as:

Interior walls
Exterior walls
Private Planes
and much more...

The Skala Stone is made of 3 components;

The backing part of the system which is a Patented Recycled hard Plastic ready for thin-set installation, mud-set installation or glue installation, total thickness is approx 1/8" thick.

The middle part of the System consists of an innovative Eco friendly board which has earned recognition in the green building industry around the world.
The board specifications are as follow:

100% free of formaldehyde, asbestos and benzene, etc.
Fire Resistant and noncombustible, able to resist temperatures over 1300 C. for over 3 hours.
Water Resistant and Moisture proof.
Mold proof, termite proof and corrosion resistant.
It has Heat/Cold insulation qualities.
High Impact resistant. (stronger than standard stones)
It is approx 1/8" thick.

The Surface Consists of Natural Stones approx 1/8" thick, an innovative process is used to achieve such thickness of the stones without losing its natural appearance and characteristics.
The surfaces comes in:


Skala Stone comes in the following sizes:

4" x 24"
6" x 24"
12" x 12" ( coming soon)
16" x 16" ( coming soon)
18" x 18" ( coming soon)
12" x 24"
24" x 24"
24" x 36"

The Skala Stone is an Eco Friendly product all around, it provides a superior Stone Surface while preserving the life of our natural resources.

The Skala Stone process allows Precious Stones to be Financially attainable for all types of budgets.
Limited Space for Dealers and Distributors of this innovative thin lightweight stone system.
Emails for detail information.
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